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Well said David & Gary

It makes me shutter to know yet again The city leaders think more low-income housing is a good thing, it is far from the truth!

What needs to happen is to remove the old abandon and even use buildings and start building stores, shops, senior housing, parks, tech hubs, restaurants' and encourage small business growth.

Lewiston needs to change its' appearance to all others inside and out start redevelopment of mix use communities. A place that encourage living, working and entertaining in one place which is accessible by walking or a short hop in the car.

It boggles my mine that the city feels it is a great revenue source, how wrong is this. Why is the city promoting an "open-door" policy of life in low income housing is better than life in a bustling, productive community instead where one works and is not supported by the local, state or federal government. The old saying is "If you build they will come" But lets' try this is you do not build in the same way less will come!. If you change your building ideas more will come and the city will flourish, like it did many years ago!

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No More Housing Projects

No more housing projects, build businesses instead or community parks and gardens. Lewiston does not need anymore housing projects we have enough! If you have to build then build Senior housing, this is where the need is.

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Changes to Maine's property tax relief programs

Although I return after a long stay in the south, It boggles my mind how The State of Maine is still struggling with taxes, property or otherwise. Someone in Augusta really needs to take some training lessons from South Carolina and other states that seem to keep their property and other taxes low. Example: 2004 my Maine property taxes were around $3500 a year. Dropped to $750.00 a year so it can be done. Just saying!!!.