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Nobody wins...

First, I'd like to know how the Federal investigator arrived at his $20,000-$50,000 in 2 years figure. Why such a wide discrepancy? Which is it, $20K or $50K? Or, did he just pull those figures out of thin air.

Second, I feel bad for Mr. Beaupre and think making him a felon is too harsh. He did wrong, but imagine how many times he refused customer requests to buy unapproved things on the EBT cards. He hardly seems like the mastermind of a criminal enterprise to me. This was just a case of surviving in the dirty Lew.

The irony here is that his store will probably go out of business not being able to take the EBT cards and Mr. Beaupre will end up on the welfare rolls himself.

But hey... LePage got his man, by george! Yeah, great. Way to go...