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Point he fingers every where else then who the real problem is Ms. Mayhew. The problems have been right there in the governors hands. I do not care what anyone else thinks. I am just giving my own opinion as a looker oner. I saw Mary Mayhew at the yearly seminar I go to and all she does is let out hot air anything that Lepage wants. Oh well as soon as we are rid of him hopefully we will someone in the spot of Mary Mayhew who knows nothing of the position she is in. When he put in there all she knew before she got in there was to be his medical adviser. They fired and layed off all of those people who obviously needed there jobs as much as the next person. In that bunch of people were people new how to do there jobs and did them well. It is not all DHHS's fault they are just pointing fingers at other so they will not look bad. Oh well I am just spouting have good holidays everyone.

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Full of it????

Mark anything I say you have never even liked or said anything that made sense to you. You have basically been saying that to me in other words for a while now. I really do not care I just say what I wanna say and read comments. I know that nothing I say will ever satisfy any one but some. Oh well Mark much love from me take it easy.

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You know what...

You know what you all have good ideas and good opinions but the others you all need a reality check. I am not full of at all I can not take full care for myself because of my disabilities. The ones who think they know it all you need to ask more then one person or try to get to know someone else besides the ones you know to find out whats going on for others. You all who say that it is Maine cares fault you are wrong. Try to find something else to blame besides a program that actually helps people in need. We all point fingers at others when we do not understand whether we know it or not. We have a subconscious part of our brain that actually controls us more then we know or want to admit. So what we are discussing will never come to a compromise because people do not think there are other ways then there selves way. Oh well much love to you all anyways I am done arguing for now on something I know first hand about. We need others with voices to start saying whats what as well. I hope this will happen sooner then later.