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Excellent idea

however due to the size and population of Portland perhaps they should get the first ten bears relocated. That way all neighborhoods would have their own bear to watch and love.

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I wouldn't imagine that

I wouldn't imagine that any of the protesters walked from their homes to Auburn last August, or this past Thursday either. One would have to think that some kind of vehicle with an internal combustion engine transported them to and from Auburn on both occasions. Nobody wants a conflagration to happen anywhere in the world. The sad fact is if your going to continue to use petroleum products to heat your homes and power your vehicles the oil must move through somebodies back yard.

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Why was she not guilty of driving impaired?

The Zero Tolerance Law
If you are under 21 years of age, Maine has a special law for you. If you are found operating, or attempting to operate, a motor vehicle with any measurable amount of alcohol in your body, you will lose your license for one year. If you refuse a test, you will lose your license for at least 18 months. If you have a passenger under 21 years of age, an additional 180 day suspension will be imposed.

Drivers under 21 with a BAC of .08% or more can be prosecuted for the criminal offense of OUI, but the license suspension must be for one year.

Wouldn't .04% be a measurable amount of alcohol?