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trans fat ban

Sorry, but this is just further proof that our government has gotten too big, and out of control. Regardless of the potential health risks, they should not be telling the public what they can or cannot eat. People should be smart enough to know what is good, and what is not good for themselves! Outlawing this stuff is just stupid, and over reaching as well. That is not what governments are there for!

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Milk prices can still remain

Milk prices can still remain affordable via free market competition. As taxpayers, we should not be paying for any government subsidizing whatsoever. It costs us more in the long run, than it is worth, and also, that is not a funtion of government! They should not be involved with this at all.

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Joanne-you actually have some

Joanne-you actually have some good points, and who knows-you may be right about the insurance thing. But keep in mind, that overall the whole machine is more expensive, and more corrupted than in the old days. However, seeing how bad Big Brother has "managed" our monies over the many years, I have little faith in them. I think you are a fool if you think that these corrupt politicians can "fix" anything, especially our comlex healthcare system.