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See Mr Stanley accused me of

following him through three states and counties harassing him and intimidating him. This was destroyed when I told the judge I do not drive, I have not driven since 1991. The ONLY mode of transportation available to me is to walk or take a bus. So exactly how did I chase Mr Stanley through three states and counties? By being Superman and flying next to him?

He accused me of exactly what he did to me. This can in fact be verified by calling the owner of Trader Bills at 603-348-2805.

See I am a disabled person trying to work his way off of disability through his nature and wildlife photography. Trader Bills carry my photographs for sale. One day I went in and the owner told me a strange story about a guy named Joe and his girlfriend named Christine who came into her store. They told her that I was in fact a convicted child molester. That I had gone to prison for raping my own son. He then told the owner I was a faggot and no one should do business with a faggot child molester. Well the owner really knows me well and she pretty much told him and his girlfriend to pee off and get out of her store.

About a month later I was going to Trader Bills when I saw a purse on the ground in front of the old Berlin Courthouse so I picked it up and called the Berlin Police Department and told them I had found the purse and was going to be at Trader Bills so they could come and pick it up. Well I went into the store and went to the back to place the purse for safe keeping when I heard this person come into the store. I heard them say to the owner that "I see you still have the faggot child molesters pictures still up on your wall. Well I was going to have you put my flyers up in the window but as long as you are doing business with the faggot photographer I will not do business with you.

Well the owner told him straight out that he could in fact talk to the "faggot" photographer because he was in the back room right now. I came out of the backroom to confront the person and sure enough it was none other than George Stanley. I told him right off George get the hell out of the store right now. The owner asked me what did I say his name was and I told her his name was George Stanley. She told me he was the one who claimed his name was Joe and who came into the store a few weeks before with his girlfriend running his mouth about me. I again told George to get the hell out of the store and he said who the hell do you think you are telling me to get out of a store, you do not own it. The owner then said what I just said goes for her as well, she told him to get the hell out of her store and never to come back.

Well George left in a lather and about two minutes afterwards I went outside to smoke a cig. There was George, right in the middle of Main Street at the intersection of Mason, screaming his head off and stopping traffic. When he saw me he started towards me and I went across the street to the City Hall. He happened to see Officer Steve Arsenault walking down the street and he ran over and started screaming at him how some child molesting faggot could be allowed to run and control the town and kick people out of stores. Honest businessman he called himself. Officer Arsenault asked him if the owner told him to leave their store and he said yeah only after the child molesting faggot told her to tell me to leave. Steve told him if a store owner did not want to do business with him they had every right to tell him to leave their store and not come back. Mr Stanley then started down the street screaming how a child molesting faggot was preventing him doing business.

This in fact can also be verified by talking to Officer Steve Arsenault of the Berlin Police Department.

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Reposting the truth because Mr Stanley does not want it revealed

Seeing that Patty Reaves from this paper contacted me via email and told me the following:

Hi Frank,

I have removed this comment from your account:

I had the misfortune of meeting Mr Stanley in 2007. He stole $400.00 from me in a rental scam then when I tried to get my money back from him he threatened to kill me. He was convicted of this in Berlin District Court. I was then advised to obtain a restraining order against Mr Stanley, but in retaliation Mr Stanley filed for a counter restraining order in the Coos Superior Court. Both orders were then denied. Mr Stanley then filed three more orders against me, two in the Berlin District court and one more in the Coos Superior Court. Each of these orders were denied, Mr Stanley did not even bother to show up for the second hearing at the District court.
In the last restraining order petition Mr Stanley stated:
"I need courts Biblical 7 year Jubilee spiritual concept of extending liberty and freedom from this Black Magic practicing wiccan male priest voodoo-cursing madman demonic possessions over my life in every ways," the petition states in part. Under the section asking what the relationship between the parties is, Stanley states Laferriere is his "ex-tenant/roommate/gay wiccan lover", a charge Laferriere denies in his seven page, single-spaced, typed response.
Yes Mr Stanley stated that I demon possessed him and was his ex gay wiccan lover. Mr Stanley is insane if he thinks I have demon possessed him and he also has another thing coming, for even if I were gay, I would rather have sex with porcupines before I had sex with Mr Stanley.
Well Mr Stanley has bitten off more than he can chew with me. Can you say defamation of character and slander/libel? I knew you could Mr Stanley. Seeing you love to sue people for BS Mr Stanley I am going to sue you for what you spew from your mouth against me and show you what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
The above can in fact be verified by checking out the Berlin District Court and the Coos County Superior Court and the Berlin Daily Sun under the story title Judge Denies Petition for Restraining Order.
However, if you can corroborate your story, I will restore it.
Pattie Reaves

Well seeing I have sent Pattie Reaves three emails verifying EVERYTHING and she has not had the good grace to restore my story I will repost it.

Since 2007, when Mr Stanley ripped me off in his rental scam he has been an insane thorn in my side. After he was convicted in Berlin District Court, Berlin NH of a count of criminal threatening me, I was told to file a restraining order against him. I filed one in the Coos County Superior Court in Lancaster and Mr Stanley then filed a cross order. Both of them were denied. Then Mr Stanley filed two more restraining orders against me in the Berlin District Court, the first was denied, the second dismissed because he failed to show up. He then filed one in the Coos County Superior Court against me and when it was denied, the Berlin Daily Sun published the following article on their front page on January 28th 2013.

Yes Mr George Stanley accused me of demon possessing him in the request for the order. This is the full article from the Berlin Daily Sun:

Judge denies petition for restraining order

Published Date Monday, 28 January 2013 23:17

By Debra Thornblad

A Coos County Superior Court judge has denied a petition for a restraining order filed by Berlin resident George Stanley against Frank Laferriere, also of Berlin.

In his order dated Jan. 9, Judge Peter H. Bornstein said while there is evidence of "some contact between the parties that is admittedly less than friendly, the defendant's actions do not constitute threats or rise to the level of harassment."
Quoting from a 2007 case, the order stated in part "'An injunction should not be issued unless there is an immediate danger of irreparable harm to the party seeking injunctive relief, and there is no adequate remedy at law.'"

Stanley filed his petition for a restraining order in court on Dec. 17, 2012. In it Stanley made several allegations against Laferriere. He claimed Laferriere had followed him, harassed him, stalked, yelled and swore at him, and threatened him, placing him in fear. He also claimed Laferriere had interfered in his personal business by taking down signs he had posted, and told business owners he would stop patronizing them unless they banned Stanley for life. He claimed Laferriere has also told businesses that Stanley is "crazy, mentally ill and dangerous".

"I need courts Biblical 7 year Jubilee spiritual concept of extending liberty and freedom from this Black Magic practicing wiccan male priest voodoo-cursing madman demonic possessions over my life in every ways," the petition states in part. Under the section asking what the relationship between the parties is, Stanley states Laferriere is his "ex-tenant/roommate/gay wiccan lover", a charge Laferriere denies in his seven page, single-spaced, typed response.

"I was never Mr. Stanley's roommate, nor was I ever his 'gay wiccan lover' as he asserts in his relationship between the parties," Laferriere states.

His response goes on to detail his experiences and encounters with Stanley. He said while he had intended to rent a room from Stanley, and had given him money for that, when he saw the sanitary conditions of the house he changed his mind.

A hearing was held on Jan. 8 and the judge issued an order the next day.
Judge Bornstein concludes his order by stating "that the only remedy for libel or slander is an action for damages if the libelous character of a statement to which objection is made can be established."

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I am curious

why my posting The Real Mr George Stanley was removed by the administrator? If the administrator is Mr George Stanley I can understand why because he does not like having the truth told about him. If it is not, I would love it if the administrator would explain to me why my comment was removed.

See I have personally known Mr Stanley since 2007. A lot of people in Berlin NH personally know Mr Stanley. Everything and anything I post about Mr Stanley can in fact be verified.

I just want to warn the citizens of Greene and Maine that Mr Stanley is a proven fraud here in Berlin NH and again, there is plenty of court documents and victims who still live around Berlin NH who can back this all up.

If you were to come here and see the eyesore that is his "home" then you would see Mr Stanley has a habit of building his versions of "sistene chapels" that does absolutely nothing to beautify the neighborhood and has a lot of his neighbors upset because it lowers their property values.