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Peru election

1. Residents would be well served to elect Mr. Pulsifer. His opponent is the wife of a recently ousted selectman. Whose voice would they be hearing if Mr. Pulsifer is defeated?
2.Maybe Mr. Merrill should acknowledge the fact that the past select board worked well until discontents filled a couple seats with the burr under the saddle. Mr. Taylor had neither the time nor the willingness to give the residents a glimpse into his thought process. Will he be a working productive official if elected? No good choice seen here.
3.For the long-term opening, I wish the taxpayers of Peru to pray. Mr. Snowman has been rumored to say he wishes to do away with the local highway department and seems to be more concerned over the affairs of Rumford and the mill. Yes, some folks in Peru work at the mill. What about the rest of residents who don't? Let's vote in a selectman who has Peru's best interest at heart. Very little is known about Mr. Witherell with exception of the fact that he won an recent election and chose to give his victory to Mr. Powell(one who was recalled). Also , Mr. Witherell didn't have the time, energy or vision to share his ideas with the town for the above article. Mr. Wing seems to be aware that school budgets are needing an intensive review. But it still seems as though the choice for the long term "replacement" is a choice of who is the best of the worst.
Good Luck Peru..

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its not the abilty to work..its the desire

Democracy will cease to exist when you take way from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not....T.Jefferson............KUDOS to the mayor of Lewiston. If I was a city resident , I'd keep on voting him into office.

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the usual

I whole-heartedly agree that most towns(including Rumford)need to do a better job with regard to municipal budgets. That being said it is not hard to see who holds all the cards in the mill situation. New Page has not much to lose if they don't get what they want, The taxpayers of Rumford have more to lose. I believe its less of how local management handles it affairs and maybe how well high up management think they have all the leverage. Weigh out the losses and see who loses most.