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not garnering sympathy

Let me be crystal clear, I'm not garnering sympathy for my cause. I would have made the same statement if the people were in opposition to my viewpoint. The only thing I have said here is that you are being disrespectful and insulting without knowing anything about these people other then what you assume from a photo. Apparently you assume because my viewpoints differ from yours, that I must be playing cards to gather sympathy for my cause...but if you read through my comments today I have not made any comments attempting to do so. The only thing I've done is tell you to show some respect to your fellow man. Something everyone should do, if we truly want to live in a better state...with less problems, and with the ability to reach solutions to the problems efficiently.

A game I'm well versed in? I haven't been roaming through the comments, or photos of the website randomly insulting total strangers. The only thing I'm versed in is defending these strangers from being insulted by you. Matter of fact, I haven't been insulting you even, I've stated the fact that you have disrespected and insulted strangers. The only person playing this so called game of disrespectful and insulting is you.

It's clear that you have no desire to be a respectful man, and therefore I'm done spending time trying to talk to you. Reply how you want, twist words how you want, it really doesn't matter, because I have no interest in your responses any further.

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don't twist my words

That was not what I said, nor intended to imply. Again you have avoided address the fact that you're disrespectful and insulting. I'm not going to continue this conversation, as it's headed no where. You're disrespectful, and I find that a damn shame. You clearly don't, have a good day.

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I don't need to take crime scene photos to know that the common denominator in all of these cases is people...people losing respect for their fellow man. A respect that you've shown you've also lost, which is a damn shame. I'd have much higher regard for your opinions on the subject, if you were respectful.