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Tax Tax Tax

Relax Dennis--------------------I was being sarcastic in my article. What I was saying was that is everyone's answer to everything when government needs more money, whether it be the school district, town, who ever. Just raise taxes.

Of course I now folks are struggling to get by, I'm one of those folks.

Take care.

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Bangor woman says her daughter paralyzed by gunshot

Things like this are so sad. With all the education put out to parents about securing their weapons, things like this shouldn't happen. Sure it was an accident, but this accident didn’t have to happen. Three kids in the house and there was a gun out-----please.

I suspect the father might be related to the two fellas who were arrested for shooting at a decoy deer at night. Not the Valedictorians of their high school class.

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Gamblers belly up to gaming tables at Oxford Casino

To the reporter who wrote this story, great play on words. I hope the gamblers don't stand too close because we know there are some "belly's " in this State that could cover the gaming tables.