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What happened to this baby is beyond comprehension. I will never understand how a mother could do this to her child. I also don 't understand why so many of you are calling for her head when you should be thinking of peace for the child and as far as the womens lib and liberals being to blame for this @John Clement you are a complete and utter fruitcake.

It is not appropriate to be slinging mud when a child has lost its life but if you must then let me ask this. Do you think most women who are single moms chose that? I would have to say in a majority of cases no would be the answer. If anything womens lib gave us a generation of men who were never taught to stand up to the plate and act right. They were never taught to provide for their families and they were never taught that it is not o.k. to walk away from their families so they could do whatever they pleased. So stop blaming the single mothers for being single mothers and stop blaming liberals for the woes of society. The only person at fault for the fate of this poor child is the mother not liberals, single mothers or whoever else you want to stand on your soapbox and preach against.

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name calling

I get so annoyed when my kids do that crap. Why do LePage and people mostly on the right think name calling is an effective way of communicating. Not the best way of getting your point across. I am not Dem and I am certainly can not align myself with the right after the clown car the whole GOP has morphed into in the last few years. Regardless of what side of the stupid fence I am sitting on I would like to think that a man who holds office should be held to the same standard as any customer service professional. After all holding office is one of the highest forms of customer service. Mr. Lepage's customers are the people of Maine. As one of the Residents Paul is supposed to represent I I would certainly hope that he could use basic common sense in office and try to remember his manners.

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I don't agree with much

I haven't agreed with this Mayor Macdonald on much, but this makes sense. I think that there has to be a clear legal channel available for both good tenants and landlords to rid their buildings of the equivalent of human trash. I don't blame the poor for being poor and I don't discriminate. I don't know how section 8 was brought into the conversation as it wasn't mentioned in the article. I don't know about how Maine works but I would be willing to wager most of the bad neighbors aren't even eligible. In other states you can not have a criminal record and receive assistance.

Oh and the comment about poor people not being allowed to own dogs or cats is a bit uncaring. Not everyone who gets assistance has been doing so for as long as they have had their pet. If I had to get assistance does that mean I should be forced to bring my 12 year old companion to the shelter. A lot of people that get assistance are good people just having a hard time. There are many that never pictured themselves having to ask for help. A few rotten apples ruins the bunch.. The problem here is that no one is willing to work together to get rid of the few bad apples. Are there neighborhood watch programs available that can work with the police and advocate for the hard working people who are forced to live next to feral people? As a community people need to stand up and take their neighborhoods back.

I had to get rid of ghetto tripe that lived across the street from me in another metro area. After a long fight, my neighbors and I were able to get the house labeled as "disorderly house" and the neighbors were evicted. Landlords should do a standard background check and find out if trouble follows potential tenants before renting to them Much of the trouble could be avoided if building management made an effort to ensure rental units are not being rented to people who are known trouble makers.