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those questionable

those questionable transactions, while worthy of investigation, comprised a small fraction of the total number of EBT transactions. If you listen to LePage and his supporters we are talking about ALL welfare recipients abusing the system when in fact it is a small fraction. What is the old saying...."it only takes one bad apple to make the whole basket bad"...I think there is a greater amount of fraud going on by big corporations and other companies receiving corporate welfare.


Again, I have not

Again, I have not insulted.....where is your outrage over our illustrious governor spending $925,000 to an OUT OF STATE company for a report that uses incorrect data and makes assumptions? When people ASSUME they make an a$$ out of you and me. Incorrect data leads to incorrect assumptions and predictions. Did someone give the Alexander company a crystal ball or something so that they can see into the future? Every story has two sides and then the truth. Unfortunately most with the same train of thought as you only listens to what they want to hear and not both sides and then determine for themselves what is true, what is a lie, and what is an exaggeration. Our governor has proven time and again that he will manipulate the numbers to make his position better. Too bad he can't be honest with the Maine people.


Ummmm the proof is our

Ummmm the proof is our illustrious governor just did the same thing with $925,000 of taxpayer money to get a report that says just what he wants it to say using numbers that seem to be not provable. Maybe you need to do your own research and not rely on the research of others.