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What's Wrong

The author, ever think about consulting with a shrink. It's a sure bet your from away, far, far away! Some stories should never be published, or is this reverse psychology, and your attempting to drum up high numbers on comments .
Numbers.... you can make them say anything. I'm from away, from a lot of different ways. Another....fable...sharing poor taste, a sip of wine to change one's palate.
Whit Richardson - next time I see your by line time will be saved- skipping promptly over it!
Have a wonderful day in vacationland!

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Clean Air

Maine leads....and in this case it is extremely important that she does. Health risk are different by location. In addition the warmer weather pattern increases it. Thinking for one's self is a sure sign of intelligence.

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Made almost the same trip Friday afternoon and though the weather didn't always cooperate made one not feel guilty for wasting it inside. Beyond items and places mentioned we stopped in Gardner, enjoyed the architecture, visited shops and took in the view of the Androscoggin. All in all a mini vacation.