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Trudy, count your blessings.

Trudy, count your blessings. Poland is only giving Cleveland 12 grand. Auburn is giving the Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council 160 grand a year, and has been for quite a while. The money is for economic development, but nobody knows what they do or what the money is spent on, or for that matter, what we are getting for the money.

The problem is not with the LAEGC in Auburn or with Cleveland in Poland, the problem is with the Selectmen and the Councilors. Unfortunately, local GOP committees are silent on local issues.

The people of Auburn are

The people of Auburn are smarter than that Jerry. Why would anyone want to go from a well maintained user funded highway to a poorly maintained taxpayer funded highway. The MTA doesn't receive one red cent in federal or state money. It actually contributes money to the general fund.

Brakey needs to rethink this one.

Care to be more specific ZMr.

Care to be more specific ZMr. Meannealy?