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Raw Milk

I would like to respond to the person who believes that raw mild causes TB. It doesn't. Pasteurization came about because when people moved to the city so did dairies. The cows kept in squalid conditions, and fed waste from breweries; they were actually forced to eat this crap; cows are meant to eat grass. The cows didn't last very long, they sickened, and died; but their milk produced in these highly unsanitary conditions, from food that was killing the cows did make people sick. Rather than make life better for the cows it was decided to heat the milk to kill the germs; and all the good stuff that is contained in raw milk is also destroyed with this treatment. I am not trying to persuade anyone to drink raw milk; but I do believe that everyone should have that choice. I know that if anyone wants to drink raw milk they can visit the cows, and the farms where it is sold. They can get to know the farmers who produce this product. I am 67 years old; and I have used raw mild all my life; I am healthy, still working, and independent; I don't want anyone telling me what I can or cannot eat.

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My mother used to tell me for the ignorant there is hope for the stupid you can't do anything. Our media keeps us ignorant, but I hope not stupid. For those of you who think our government would never do anything to harm us I suggest a couple of movies, most I think available on net flix, and Amazon.com; one is Genetic Roulette, another is Fresh; and a third is David versus Monsanto. Watch them, if you are into reading research the provenance, Monsanto in it's own mission statement declared it's goal to be to control the seeds of the world, in other words the world food supply; doubt me, go on line and read it. These companies are patenting life. These companies are also patenting human genes, without the knowledge or consent of the persons whose genes the patent. These people receive neither money, or health care for their unwilling donations. Check that out to. We are giving away our world, the water, the seeds, and our Democratic Republic.