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Finally some Justice!

Good! I think he should be charged and face his consequences!! He wants to make bad choices now he will see what those choices have caused. To many familys lost everything cause of this little boy. Its only right that he is charged and he faces what he has done!

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What the hell is wrong with you!!??

Just because someone is obese or is "ugly" to you does not mean they don't deserve to be loved and respected! There is no law that people cant marry obese or ugly people, why would you make such a horrible comment. The issue here is gay rights! Seriously Jerry im sure your mother taught you to respect people no matter their size,color or how they look. Wouldn't you want the same respect if you were obese or ugly to others??? It's Not ok to put people down cuz of their looks, size or any other reason!! Learn sum RESPECT!!!!! GET A LIFE JERRY ARIPEZ!!!!

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I too think the father is to blame for Ayla's disapperance! I hope the guilt eats him alive and he confesses soon! This little angel deserves JUSTICE!