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Bad Move

Sorry guys, as someone who visits here often (mostly for the local sports). I will be sad to see you guys go and get the news elsewhere (and you can get local news elsewhere).

You overstate how quickly and efficiently you currently deliver web content right now. Your site is poorly run as it is. The layout and functionality is horrible, but it was free.

I understand your need for revenue, but I would put up with more ads, not start a subscription service. Ask how many actual paid subscribers they have... not many...

Good Luck.

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Pricey Sandwiches?

$6.75 for a locally made sandwich is much better than a 5$ almost foot long sub made with "turkey based ham"... what is that?

Any sandwich purchased (beyond a ham Italian for about 5$) will run you 6 to 8 dollars.

That's far from considered "pricey" compared to the competition. There may not be a clientele for any sandwich shop.... but that is the risk of business... I hope it succeeds.

Please know I love a good ham Italian from Sams...

Good luck, we will stop by and try something once it opens....