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Bad idea for low-income customers

I can't afford to subscribe and I think it's too easy to get the same news free on the Web. Even though I understand why The Sun Journal needs to make these changes, doesn't mean it will work for me. I will miss this site.

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Halloween Mischief

I am overwhelmed with anger over all the thefts across Lew/Aub over the past few years. I live in an apartment so I have no extra storage like a shed or anything to lock up my outdoor valuables so I don't buy any. I am so glad the whole Halloween display was not taken down since a few bad apples shouldn't be allowed to ruin the fun for all the children. My daughter's happiness was ruined by thieves when she had two adult trikes stolen from her within a 3 year period. She has disabilities that do not allow her to ride a regular bike. But, since these trikes cost $400 and up, we could not afford to buy her a third one just to have it stolen for a third time. So, for over two years she has had no bike to ride with her sisters. It's a shame!