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Better living through smaller government - oxymoron

A dream, a fantasy, a walking away from reality.
unfettered capitalism leads to monopoly, dictatorship of money. And the founders even though capitalism did not exist in America knew it and its evils (monarchy in their time). The rest of the systems (labels actually) all fail too. not because of inequality of results which is inherent but because they fix problems which can't or shouldn't be fixed. Constitutionalism is none of these. it calls for government to establish the ground rules for markets and then describes a political system where the extremes can not long dominate. Big government is big enough to protect everyone from the socialist, Marxist, capitalist, and the fascist (crony nationalist capitalism). now we are approaching fascism and its time to draw back from it.


all true, except the limits are determined by your hate

we have centuries of egomaniacs taking power and then deciding how many crumbs the poor deserve. Saddam Hussein was a good example. Our protection is the Constitution but for that to work the "special interests' or the moneyed interests must not be permitted to gain power based on their money but on their individual humanity. Citizens United broke that limit. our Constitution is now at serious risk. The poor must learn that when the rich make war on them that they must unite and protect their interests - equal opportunity and a social safety net when capitalism fails as it always must because of the crimes and abuses of the wealthy. 2008 being just one example.
your opinion is worthlessly wrong. poor are the natural even mathematical product of capitalism and competition. you can't compete and produce 315 million equal winners. you must produce a bell curve or something like it of results. the poor are the product of capitalism pure and simple.


Could mean they hate them especially if the state can

afford to keep up with welfare which it can and LePage's tax cuts prove it can. its a matter of priorities - what you value. LePage and you think that the rich are morally, politically and economically superior to the poor who are sub-human in your philosophy i.e. you hate them. 1812 by Alan Taylor, actually any Alan Taylor book is insightful, demonstrates that we have always had people like LePage who hate the poor and worship the rich. its a personality defect.