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I have a friend. I know everyone has a "friend" who gets

SNAP and doesn't deserve it. An able-bodied male who just sits around the house drinking beer getting his girlfriend pregnant and living off the public.
The Governor claims "We must continue to do all that we can to eliminate generational poverty, but he doesn't prove there is any generational poverty. Another problem created to benefit his campaign's war on the poor.
Well, my friend works 50+ hours a week at $12/hr has a wife and three children and qualifies for SNAP. Some months that's not enough. The month lasts longer than the food.
Given that this is a political stunt (we won't know anything about its "effectiveness" until after the election) and it fits LePage's supporters biases not real problems in Maine, I support this change but only if DHHS commits to documenting in detail what the results are and that those statistics are audited by an outside organization. Let's prove once and for all what "welfare" really is.



"Nearly 90 percent of all immigrants now come from continents and countries whose people have never been assimilated fully into any western country."
What does that mean? Or more accurately, what in the world are you talking about.
90% are coming from Central America and have been fully assimilated into a western country for 4 or more centuries.
This is not an invasion. It is people of conscious choice coming to America to protect & improve their lives & find their relatives. By doing so they will improve America.


"Should Mainers be concerned about them arriving here?"

Not at all. 57,000 children properly cared for sent to their parents and if not to their parents then to concerned and compassionate Americans present no threat or concern to the US and even less to Maine.
We should aggressively offer our state and its facilities to help any of these children.