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Hi Rex,

As I said, I am a subscriber to the E-Edition and and have been reading the Sun/Journal for several years in the newspaper format that you mentioned in your reply to me. However, this morning when I logged in I was presented with the "new' format. It looked very much like the format that I believe you present to non paying readers. When I saw your replay I logged on again and got the other version and had to click on the E-Edtion heading to finally get back to the newspaper view. Hopefully this is just a glitch that will work itself out in the future. Thanks for the reply.


New format

While just seeing the new format this morning I have to say that I seriously hate it. I would have much preferred that I be given the option of seeing the pages in the older format. I think the new format is cumbersome. I really should not have to click on the story header to read even the shortest story. Call me old fashioned but I liked seeing the e-edition in the format of the paper edition. I'll obviously have to live with this crap but I will not have to like it. Before anyone complains about my complaint I am a subscriber and have been for for many years so I do pay for my access.