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First and foremost, there are only 4 Mental Health Hospitals in Maine that take Children for Psychartict help, St. Mary's in Lewiston, Spring Harbor in Portland, Acadia in Bangor and finally Northern Maine Medical in Fort Kent.
The following are services ONLY covered by Maine Care:
Before a child can even apply for Residential Placement:
They first MUST have been in an inpatient Mental Health Hospital within the last 6 months; they must have within the last 6 months had in-home services that have not worked. These services start with HCT- Home/Community Therapy: formally known as 65M, MST- Multi-Systemic Therapy, MST-PSB Multi-Systemic Therapy- Problematic Sexualized Behavior, FFT- functional family therapy VRP- Virtual Residential Placement. The most important part of this part is that the client cannot see their regular therapist during this time.
There is a case Management service which gives the child an advocate, someone to link them to services, to complete the referrals for the above mentioned programs, to complete the application for Residential Placement etc. Case Management is offered by various agencies throughout the state.
***Many families without Maine Care are never told about a program called Katie Beckett, this is a program that the child could qualify for should they have a severe mental or medical health issue even if the family does not qualify for Maine Care, you could get it for free or have to pay a small price for it, but I am almost sure that it would be less then they pay out of pocket a month for co-pays, medications etc.
Just some basis information for those that may not know.