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If you want to make an omelet......

If you don't do anything, nothing will change. What is needed is a statewide law prohibiting aftermarket equipment that produces excess noise, and enacting substantial fines for operators without adequate muffler systems. If drivers don't have the maturity to be considerate of families living in neighborhoods, we need to hit them where it hurts.

- Kevin Saisi

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The quickest way to defeat an enemy is to convince him that you are his friend, working in his best interest. That way, you can manipulate the information to your own ends, without his realizing anything.

Politics consists of persons with varied viewpoints; each believing that the other is wrong. A country, state county or town cannot operate under two different political agenda. Logic, collaboration, and compromise needs to occur to move forward. When one party actively blocks another, without being open to working together, you have an situation where nothing substantial can occur. It is time for our leaders to grow up and act like adults instead of pre-schoolers.

Post by Kevin Saisi

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Who are you to determine that I was upset?? How about if you mind your own business and stop harassing me on the SJ web site Mr. Stone???? You seem to enjoy working to find any little thing you can to try and discredit me. I respect that you have a different political opinion than I do. Just because we see things differently, it doesn't mean that we have to be attacking each other.

If you have a problem with what I am doing on this forum, you need to follow the proper procedure and file a complaint with the SJ. I share a subscription with my mother just as you may share a newspaper with a family member. I had the subscription changed to my name, but mom insisted it be in her name. Rather than argue with my mother, I sign my name at the bottom of my posts. Mom doesn't even know how to get onto this forum, so If I forget to sign my name, any comment is likely mine, unless you or some other like minded individual chooses to hack the account. If my daughter becomes interested in posting on this forum, I will make sure that she has a separate subscription just to avoid being harassed by you.