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They will never throw their leader under the bus Mark..It's just funny....

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there you go again!

First let me say if you think this economy is expanding I have some ocean front property in Arizona for you. Also I would like to know where all those numbers come from? I know climate change is real its been going on since the beginning.. The problem I have is when you lump global warming with that phrase.
Let's see is it because no one agreed with the global warming bull crap?
So let me just end this reply with this. This is just one more thing the government will do to drive the working lower class into the ground..
It has been to long since people start thinking of the lower class that work their butts off every day with nothing to show for it. More regulation always means more mony out of our pockets that we can't afford!!!

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I just saw cosmos show and they said volcanoes only put out 2% of all emissions into the air! If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona for ya real cheap....