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Pick one

I got CableVision when it first came out, because pay TV was ad-free. They then violated that agreement, so I cancelled.

Now I use Netflix. They offer content for a price I'm willing to pay, without wasting my time with advertising.

You accept payment by advertisers to put their message in front of me.

I'm willing to put up with that advertising if content that may be of value to me is delivered at no extra charge.

If you are going to charge me to view news, information, propaganda, and sometimes inane commentary, then get rid of the ads.

You pick it.

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Lawyers !!

"Lowe had a 0.04 blood-alcohol level, Howaniac said. The legal threshold is 0.08."

Howaniec must have been absent the day they taught "Legal Drinking Age" at Law School.

The age in Maine is 21. If she is not 21 then the "threshold" is 0.00.

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You get the same bill I do

You get the same bill I do Jerry. And you pay it every time you pay property tax, income tax, social security tax, gas tax, tire tax, fuel oil tax, food tax, etc. The only thing that's free is your decision to ignore it.

The portion of tax revenue that goes only to pay interest on this obscene debt would cover the ACA.

Just not thought out: