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Lewiston has a serious

Lewiston has a serious problem of having too many rental housing units which is verified by the large number f vacant units in the City resulting in the large number of placarded buildings destined to be demolished at a substantial cost to the taxpayers of this City. To add additional housing, which is what this new housing would do, is beyond reasonable belief. The units would replace those destroyed a short while ago, but those destroyed were old buildings that the owner had rehabbed under a government subsidy program. If the owner wishes to replace those destroyed units it would be much better for the citizens and taxpayers of this community if the owner were made to live up to the contract and rehab existing units in need of substantial repairs. This would take the number of derelict units in need of demolishing down and save the taxpayers money and would remove eyesores from the City and the owner would still have the same number and type of units as before the destruction.


While I won't comment on all

While I won't comment on all of your points, remember Governor Lepage has only been in office for 3 years. The blame for Maine being such a bad State to do business in and also the reason for the high taxes in Maine must be pinned on to the party in power controlling the Legislature for some of those three years and for the previous years before the Governor was elected. Governor Lepage certainly can be brash and is not always politically correct, but he cannot be faulted for all of the States shortcomings, nor can the Republicans. Remember who has been in power for the past 50 or 60 years and think who has been sending these same people back to the Legislature to make those decisions that affect all Maine citizens.


Very well said

Very well said Mark; you hit the nail on the head.