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Well said ..... the Pot calling the Kettle Black!

There are extremists on both sides but one side, conservatives, have their glasses half empty. They have become the party of "No" and their glasses have a leak. They're entrenched on everything being a problem because their coat sleeves are yanked on by the so-called tea party. When Rush Limbaugh pushed the idea that he hoped the President would fail, along with his administration, he and others followed and planted a seed of hate and distrust. The next step has become paranoia. No politician daring to follow their heart and minds. At this point in time it may take something drastic to to get compromise, but that is not being pro-active.
On the gun issues, there's an event planned for Washington, DC on May 16 , or Bunkerville, NV or both, that just may tilt the scales and force people to re-evaluate just where our country is, and this would just be re-active. This would not be the ideal way to force the compromise.
Compromise is an skill that seems to have been put into a holster. Just one Centrist's opinion.

I agree!

If you watch the whole video on youtube it's rather impossible to come up with any other conclusion. To me this article is misleading as it only has the statements from the party involved which is their opinion. It sure doesn't do any good for snowmobilers, most of whom would have done something different. I also question firing in the air not knowing where it would come down. I'd have thought it best fired low into the woods? It'll be interesting to know what the final outcome will be. I do suspect in a rush to make this known they'll get plenty of "green eggs and ham"!

You're Off Topic

I don't tend to ignore anything. My comments were started with regard to constitutional carry. This is common practice for many people to go off topic and use the same comments ...... again and again .... "ad nauseam". For me, end of discussion. Have a great day!