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solar panels questions

My cost when all is said and done will be in the neighborhood of 21K. The State has a rebate of $2K and the Fed Govt pays 30% of such projects in the form of a tax credit. This makes it abit more affordable, although it is indeed an up-front investment in future energy needs. I agree with your thoughts about the parks and farms; and I think the cost for individuals to produce their own energy will continue to go down.

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solar panels

Agreeably, it doesn't look like a tree. But then again, my picturesque 170 year old brick house probably provoked the same opinion amongst any remaining Native Americans when it was built; neither is it natural nor "Maine". I wonder if comments like these have less to do with aesthetics than about a general denial in our culture that our thirst for usable energy has to come from somewhere. We would like to pretend that it just happens; that it causes neither loss of beauty or convenience to anyone. If this were Texas, I might have a greasy oil deric in my back yard and have my view of the coast might be spoiled by a refinery. The bottom line is that energy is costly; we need it, and we North Americans seem to have an insatiable thirst for it. It doesn't come without a cost. In my way of thinking, I'm willing to give up a little in the way of aesthetics in order to do my part to produce and use energy in a way that is more responsible that I have done in the past. What are you doing, Bob?