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Let's be realistic......

Mary Mayhew and the DHHS has done NOTHING but screw up anything she or LePages has had their hands in it......

"The confusion around this contract is another example of how poorly DHHS has managed the contract from the very beginning.

It is Time or it was time long time ago to remove LePage and his cronies, along with his daughter and Brother in-law that has been the payroll.....

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Your spouse

had no complaints....

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Republicans wasting taxpayers money and then LIE

that they are the fiscal responsible party....

Republican IRS Investigations Have Cost At Least $14 Million – And Counting - See more at:

House Republicans To Waste 3.3 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Special Benghazi Investigation.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that its work to comply with the six congressional investigations into the September 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, has cost the military millions of dollars and thousands of man hours.

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Tea Party probe has cost IRS $7.9 million so far.

To add injury to INSULT the Republicans committee voted on a 7 to 4 VOTE, voted down proposed amendment to the Lawsuit in suing the POTUS...said that the PUBLIC CANNOT/WILL NOT be informed of more millions wasted by the Repub party.

The monies spent on this dog and pony show of the Repubs will not be tallied OR reported to the American people. BECAUSE the Tealiban Party wants to hide more wasted taxpayers millions.

Also another 7 to 4 vote to deny that those lawyers in this lawsuit are not from lobbyist firms involved in to the ACA institutions to attack the ACA as well..

It clearly is apparent, the Repubs should be investigating themselves for their failures to America......wasting MILLIONS of dollars for political fund raising.........

At this time $ 30 MILLION AND GROWING of Taxpayers money wasted by the fiscal responsible Tealiban Party and they don't care as long as they can feed their red meat swallowing carnivores of idiots....