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This is a good sport for kid's.


Love Ya!

Something has to be said for a 91 year old man to be actively involved in an
inner-city youth outreach. The children and staff loved him and he will be truly missed. One of his favorite sayings was, “The Jesus Party is a flower in the middle of a swamp.”


Just in case you didn't notice

The accident is a complete tragedy for her remaining children, husband, family and friends there should be no debate about that. I would like to point something out though. I read the story of there journey together here to the United States and the extremely sad situation that brought them here and my heart felt sad. But did anyone else notice that they did not include the "other woman" in that part of the story. Of course not because that would bring up the fact that this man did not only have 1 wife but 2, and that "other woman" may help him to raise not only the 5 that she already has with him but now will possibly help with the needs of the 10 more that he had with the wife who so suddenly died. Polygamy is illegal in this country, not to mention goes against what Nuh tried to accomplish by teaching woman what is good and healthy for them and small girls. Sonia Taylor