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A lot of people would love to see that, if you can find the link. I've not seen it myself and I've looked.

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Do you have a link to the report or study that has that data?

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Sure do...

Actually, I do. (Section FS-111-3)

Any US citizen (or non-citizen in some cases) can move to Maine and immediately take benefits. There's not waiting period, no requirement to live in the state for a certain amount of time, nothing. Just move here and collect benefits. You don't even need an ID or place of residence (homeless). Full documentation is here: (

It's well documented and discussed the welfare issues we have in Maine. Let's try to keep this conversation civil and leave the attitude out of it, please. It's not helpful. Don't be like the majority of drones on here, let's think for ourselves and keep it civil.

If you disagree, or have some other documentation that says otherwise, please reply and let me know. Honestly, the website isn't very clear (for example, it never says how long you can receive benefits for, perhaps they never expire).