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In the Spring of 1970, a few of us, (young people), and an adult cleaned up that same cemetery for the first Earth Day. It was in a terrible condition for a spring cleaning. If someone was really taking care of it, then they should have lost that responsibility. I should hope this so called association would work with these students and train them in taking care of this great responsibility, may improve the appearance of this historic cemetery and maybe also the one up on Packard Road.

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At age 12 a child knows alot about right and wrong. "Nameing & Shaming" is the least of his future worries. It don't surprise me to hear, in this day and age, for us to feel sorry for him and get him all the help us taxpayers can give him. Most kids today do what they do to get attention to replace the lack of "discipline" and love they don't get at home. A lot of parents today expect others to raise their children, especially through government assistance programs. That is the biggest problem today, you gave birth to these children, then take responsiblity and raise them, if your not able to take on raising a child, then stop having them. This may come a cross as mean or harsh, but face it or just hand over ALL your Rights and just keep on letting the government do it all for you.

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LOL...Liberals live in a different world, no real reasoning to their thoughts. Once they get the message about, "criminals don't care about laws.", then "maybe" they will work on mental health and stop sugar-coating the punishment on the serious crimes...