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AS USUAlL kevin

Out in left field again Kevin with your so called speculations. No integrities were being questioned Kevin. You continually try to make people look bad all by yourself and stir a negative pot. If the Pope were running and lost by that margin and if he thought he might gain some or possibly come closer to show a lesser margin of defeat he could. Anyone within that margin and the use of new technology I would think to ask for a recount. You create dislikes. You try constant to turn good people against one another. Why do you do this? The Pope is praying for you. And kevin is in small letters for a reason.

Build cash reserves

This means , not using any monies to reduce the tax rates. Because if that mill closes then there would be a gigantic rate increase all at once to cover the tax loss from the mill. The tax payer should be paying what they vote for each year so they can honestly see what their vote on budgets really costs. We cannot continually deplete reserve funds that are intended for emergencies. This is what the auditor was really saying.

Wayne who lives in Jay

Have you been to one of these meetings just out of curiosity? This town is made up mostly of seniors now who don't go out at night. Those of us who have gone in the past were trashed for our opinions. This method should be changed to just the voting place, period. It is broken and needs to be fixed. Since you think you have a say here for some reason is puzzling. If you lived here and did attend the meeting maybe I then I would accept your opinion.