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You showed your hand Paul

Imprison Ted Cruz? Question is whether Liberals, which you clearly are, have realized that you are now the boogey man. The administration has been in power for years with a majority in the senate and for several years a super majority in Washington. The president has intimated and persecuted his rivals. He has a scared and complicit media. I was no fan of George Bush but Obama is not the pussy cat most people thought he was. He's no dove, he's the least transparent, he is either a liar or incompetent in regards to the bait and switch he has pulled with health care. If I can say one thing about Bush is that he owned his actions and was excoriated for them. Obama never knew? Just found out on the news report? This guy should teach dodge ball and the 5 D's. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge. P.S. How's the rest of the world loving our president... His major achievements will list like this. 8 years of economic malaise, Countless scandals in Chicago politics fashion, a regression in race relations, destroying U.S. healthcare, Imposing the largest tax on the middle class ever, throwing more underlings under the bus than any president, destroying relations with our traditional allies, increasing the national debt by ? This second term is going so bad that you will see the media start to pile on him in an attempt to regain credibility in time to get Hillary elected.

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The city has identified a problem and has created a plan to combat it. Bravo, to the administration authorizing the actions and the brave men & women executing the plan.

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Those are two separate issues. Paying the hospitals money owed to them is appropriate. If you have other issues that is fine but they are not conjoined.