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Cutler Michaud

Like I said Lapage has the best intrest of Maine at heart, If cutler or Michaud get in we will be back to the crap of Baldachi King eras and after they get done there will only be a few left working that are not on welfare in this state, Lapage has done the state good if you look at it objectivily, unemployment is down taxes are down and would go further if the legislator would agree, there will always be indivduals unhappy no matter who is Gov, I just want a fiscal resposiable state to leave our children

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cutler, michaud

Both of these career politicians, want to spend,spend and spend thinking it will make living here better when it only buys them votes, the 5 or 6 people left working in Maine not on welfare will have to leave when they are done, laPage may not have much political correctness but he has the future of Maine in his best intrest, if there wernt so many thin skinned people to bash him something positive could get done

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bear ref again

Have these people not learned? They should look at states like New Jersey and the problems they have had with too many bears for the habitat or the trapping bans in states like Mass and others where there are to many animals causing too much damage, like beaver and muskrats, to me it is much more cruel to take away habitat and food sorcses and expect the animals to pose for pictures for the tourists if the treehuggers take away all the management options that are proven effective from the bioligests and MeDFW then problems will occur.