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hey Thanks

Thanks! Nice Photo! The only problem is, you've shared a picture of it almost lit and not only 3.

Thank you for the picture though. It's lovely.

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Would have been nice

to seen pictures or video of the Lighted Menorah, Scott.

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I have to agree

It was Very Poor Judgement to say you want the ability to go out and get drunk and Walk Home.

When you live in a Close Knit Community the Most important Thing is to FEEL SAFE! Not to Go out Get Drunk and Walk Home! Oh How Very Repulsive to say This!

Transportation is a HUGE Issue Lewiston/Auburn Needs to look at your need to GREATLY Improve the Bus System as well as other forms of Transportation. The Cost of a Cab has gotten Outrageous!

When I lived in Lewiston on Russell Street by Main Street at Russell Street Trailer Park, The Cab Companies wanted to Charge Me, Between $11.00 to $13.00 for a Cab to go across the Veteran's Bridge! This is Absurd! The Cab Companies Cry about the cost of Gas but, the ONLY Cab Company out there really paying for the gas of their Cabs is City Cab. The rest falls on the Drivers.

You cannot keep raises prices and rates and think the average person working or not, can afford a cab, Bus, or Train if it ever makes it up here.

You need to bring in something for a business or a concept that will attract other businesses and venues to Lewiston and Auburn.

Building Hotels and converting an Old Mill will not draw people to Lewiston Auburn. Getting rid of the Riff Raff and the Drugs and Crime Will. Also Offering Tax Brakes to New Businesses and help through A.V.C.O.G (Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments and the SBA (Small Business Association will help Lewiston Fully Revitalize and become a New And Better Community for all Living there and attracting others there.