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Wind Hoax

Dr. Dora Anne Mills, head of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention an ardent proponent of wind power who denies sleep-related disturbances due to wind turbine noise must have her head in the dirt or be on the big wind payroll. I can not believe a medical Dr. would make such comments. I wonder how many homes in wind factories she has spent the night in? I wonder how many victims she has interviewed. I am a wind factory victim. Health issues are rampant to residents of wind factories. Sleep deprivation is called torture to the Gitmo detainees, yet wind factory residents are expected to sacrifice their health for what? Politicians that want to look "green". Research all the diseases caused by sleep deprivation plus car accidents from exhausted drivers. Wind energy companies tell community residents that property values don't decline in wind factories and often say property values actually go up. If that is the case they should be very happy to guarantee property value protection to those within and 2 miles outside the wind project. They refuse. This article is right on with it's comments on not reducing pollution and the reasons to back it up. Wind energy is expensive and terribly inefficient. Wind is not free.