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seeking permission? I think not...

I am glad there are people out there willing to fight for the rights of their children, and other children as well. The school district should be applauding you for making them be accountable! so they can do a better job! I thought that teachers were there to have a positive learning experience for children, not there to hinder their growth from fear. I believe I remember my 2nd grade teacher encouraging me to climb the monkey bars when I was afraid of falling. She stood right there and cheered me on and taught me how to hang onto the bars so I would't fall. Perhaps the school district could use a good lesson in learning new things, stop hiding behind that "lawsuit " wall in fear. I believe public schools were first instituted to give everyone the right to an education, everyone! If a school is in fear of a lawsuit then maybe it needs to take a look at the way it conducts its day to day business. give these parents an ease of mind that their child is being taken care of properly.- Don't make them ask permission to take of their child.

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crazy funny

I think this is the best story I have read in awhile. Thank god some people still have a sense of humor and a will to let someone else smile. thanks again

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where's the bus driver?

Everyone has an opinion as to who is responsible in this event. Why hasn't anyone asked why the bus driver jumped off the bus and left his passengers on board in the face of danger. Hmm... Is it not he who drives the bus that is responsible for the passengers on board? I guess times have certainly changed along with responsible roles.