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Way to go!!! Great News!!

Kudos to all the good compassionate people that gathered all those signatures. Well done!!

“Maine people must now decide who they trust more to manage our public wildlife resources — our biologists at [the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife], who have performed decades of scientific management and research and are responsible for an extremely healthy bear population, or one interest group in Washington, D.C., [the Humane Society of the United States], [which] is bankrolling this initiative in order to advance an anti-hunting, anti-science political agenda at the expense of Maine people,” Cote said in a separate Wednesday news release. “We are proud to stand behind the work of Maine’s biologists and game wardens.”

Don’t believe these lies. They want you to believe that bear hunting is needed in order to control the population. Remember, the Maine IF&W is primarily funded by hunters. Unfortunately, their entire existence is dependent upon having “problem” animals to kill. Most people would be appalled to learn that they actually have programs in place to boost populations for recreational hunters to kill as a “sport”.

Hounding uses dogs to chase and tree the bears so the hunter has an easy target. So much for the hunter’s claim of adhering to a “fair chase” code.

Baiting involves the bears being lured with food, etc, while the hunter cowardly hides waiting for a point-blank shot.

Trapping is indiscriminate, inhumane, and indefensible. It’s amazing that this is actually even up for discussion to be justified under the guise of “wildlife management” and “sport”. Animals caught in these devices suffer excruciating pain and a long painful death. This method also causes a lot of “collateral damage” including family pets, causing untold suffering and death. It amazes me that cock and dogfights are illegal yet we as a state will permit this state agency to sanction an equally cruel activity. These so-called “hunters” are totally indifferent to the horrible suffering these animals endure by being crucified in one of these extremely cruel devices.

If the IF&W really wanted to control the bear population in a humane manner they would concentrate their efforts on contraception and sterilization methods. The one readily available and proven highly effective is a vaccine-based fertility control “immunization”. It’s easily delivered from a helicopter via a rifle-dart.

Let’s face it, the only two choices for actively managing wildlife population are reducing the birth rate and increasing the death rate. I don’t think increasing the death rate is the right thing to do. Maine people are better than that. Much better.

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WHAT AN OUTRAGE! 1000 babies... Are you kidding me?

This type of story is sad beyond words. It totally unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated. We should be up in arms demanding new laws directed at the women who are using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco during pregnancy. Zero tolerance. As a matter of public policy, if caught they should be imprisoned until the baby is born. Mandatory. Period. No BS. The baby would be put up for adoption. We need to protect the best interest of the baby. I have no sympathy for the mother. Only anger.