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Never forgotten

No one that knew CJ will ever forget him. I hope his Mom really knows that deep down inside. No one will forget.

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i really dont like ANY signs

do people really think some paper signs that pollute my view of foliage make a difference in voting? Your signs are not going to sway my beliefs or those of my family, I know that much. How about we stop wasting the paper all together? weather i agree with the sign or not, I don't want to see it. Not one. Especially not 10-15 in a row. Unnecessary!

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Doctors perscribe

Doctors perscribe medications. Every person in this state has PLENTY of resources to find natural remedies for pain. It's called taking control of your health. News flash: A magical little pill is not going to take care of your problems. There are more negative side effects to opiates than positives. In my opinion it should be something that is ONLY administered by a doctor in the office or by a nurse in the home. I know some situations are severe and these people can barely function. In some situations it is necessary to be on something long term. Opiates are not okay for long term. That is a fact. You WILL have adverse side effects if you take it for a long period of time, no matter your previous health conditions. It is so easy to pop a pill. (that you pay $4 a month for from the super store up the road) As soon as people have them in their hands, all rules are off. They are yours! Your doctor said its okay! So it must be okay! No... Pain killers are like bandaids. They do not do ANYTHING for the specific issue, they only mask the symptoms. They actually raise pain tollerence over the long term. They make people depressed. What is the point to having someone on a monthly perscription of digestive-tract-damaging NSAIDS along with a liver destroying pain killer. It takes effort to find out what nutrients can help your specific health issues. It takes effort to make sure you are making the best food choices possible for your specific problem. It takes effort to get out there and exercise. We dont always get a lot of the nutrients that we should from the food we are eating. Any doctor should be able to reccommend natural remedies to help your specific situation. If they don't, go talk to someone else! Go to your library, read up on the internet! Your health is your wealth. Just because a doctor reccommends a certain perscription does not mean you have to agree to taking it. It makes me wonder if people are even given an option by their doctor sometimes. We all have a choice between a specific daily regimen of natural supplements, exercise routine, and specific diet - OR - the option to take a pill every 4-6 hours as needed..... the easy route isn't always the best route. I hope that these numbers decrese on the front end. I really don't like living somewhere known as the Pain Killer Capital.