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The bells should not have been removed from this building!

They are part and parcel to the church's historic and architectural significance. I can understand fully Mayor Labonte's "growing impatience" with church officials' lack of cooperation in the matter.
The Auburn Catholic Community now has a real "bum steer" as it's current "pastor". I dealt with this "clown" when he was in charge of the Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul. Years ago, I sent this "gutless wimp" not one, but three letters, two of which concerned the protection and restoration of the Casavant pipe organ in the upper church's rear gallery. He did not have the courtesy or decency to reply to the letters or follow any one of my suggestions!
Instead, the "idiot" allowed a completely incompetent buffoon trained in the repair of electronic, not pipe organs, to damage both the front and rear gallery pipe organs at a cost of several thousand dollars to fix. In addition, the nitwit "would be" organ repairman "Shang hayed" the parish out of $50,000.00 by getting them to purchase a four-manual Baldwin "monstrosity" of an electronic organ console that turned out to be a useless piece of junk! Luckily, those disasters, both human and machine are long gone.
Yet the "pastor" remains, now moved to the Auburn Catholic Community to wreak havoc and impose his administrative incompetence on some new unsuspecting people. His style is to avoid confrontation and run in the other direction, perhaps partially explaining why I never received a reply to any of my letters.
I left a message on Mayor Labonte's voice mail some time ago, encouraging him to step in and prevent the Diocese of Portland and this "pastor" from removing the beautiful stained-glass windows from the building so that they could be sold for a "Judas Iscariot" type of profit.

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Can you be assured of that, Mr. Gravel?

Remember now, that you both initiated the reaction with your unsolicited commentaries to a few letters to the editor on a different issue from several months ago. You seem to both perpetuate this kind of scenario when the two of you offer asinine comments to a variety of subject matter appearing in this periodical, chosen at random and with diligent frequency. You should have both "ignored" my original letter to the editor. Then none of this would have occurred, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb!

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I do believe that Paul St. Jean is in a foul mood today!

I offer a simple acceptance of his and Mark Gravel's invitation to meet on Bailey Island next summer, and Mr. St. Jean goes right for the jugular with very nasty words! Shame on you Dumbo, for displaying such bad temperament in public!