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sales tax and tourism

Every state I've visited has higher tourist taxes than Maine and they are still packed with tourists. It costs a lot to maintain infrastructure to support tourism--locals shouldn't have the whole burden, especially, since people from most other states have higher income than Mainers. We've driven from Texas to Maine and Texas to Florida, Texas to Colorado, to Nevada many times. All the taxes are higher than in Maine, but people still travel there. The biggest deterrent to Maine tourism is the Friday traffic gridlock 'south of the border' to get here.

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Riverside Dr. collapse

Hope everyone enjoys the Jordan School Rd. detour!

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New Horizons and related raids

I got ripped off by Harvey and one of his employees who were supposedly rental managers--slick money grubbers--give them an extra day in court for their 'property management services' . Never could get them to properly document their billing.