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People are worried about how they are going to heat their houses this winter and they give 10,000 to people who should already know English...It is not like they just got here or something...

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Deport him

They should without question deport this man right back to Somilia.They need to start doing that with all these Somilians that can't follow the law...If that was a American in their country breaking their laws they would be put to death.Lets start getting tough with these people...FREE RIDE IS OVER!!!!!

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AA the Lewiston way

I have been a member of AA for sometime and I can not believe a sponsor would bring a new commer out looking for hookers....That is insane and not what the program is about.This so called sponsor is worried about comming forward because of breaking AA traditions???He already did that when he brought this man out looking for hookers....My prayers are with the victim and her family.No one deserves to die that way...