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What About Non-Poachers

This is a slap in the face to all the ethical hunters who follow all the game laws, sometime even passing on a chance to get their deer, because of their ethics. Why is it that though's who do things legally always see the criminals suffer no consequences.

I think that the Laws need to be revised.

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This story really breaks my heart. Poaching is illegal!

This story really makes me mad. Why should people who do poaching get away with it, with plea bargains and stuff. They should not be allowed to make bargains for a lighter sentence.

I agree that the judges who accepted them and did the sentencing should be exposed. Their names should be mad public so that people will know exactly what kind of judge they are. Easy I would presume. One that people will want to go in front of so they too can get light sentencing.

The Police chief that was caught as the ring leader for some of these poaches, should do some time in jail. The fact that they say he is too sick to be in jail I believe is just because he was a Police Chief and he can get away with it. What a great example of how much slack is in our law enforcement services.

I just hope that this story doesn't discourage the great Game Wardens from doing their job. We need to be able to try and get as many people who do not follow the law, so they can get punished. Maybe with the facts of this story, there will be more investigations and hopefully new laws that are stricter put in place. One can only wish that it will happen.

Best luck to all those hard working Wardens. Don't give up.

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What a Wonderful Joining

This is a great story for all. I am a very caring animal lover myself. I know that Billy is very happy going to work everyday and being a part of his owners life, night and day. The fact that he can go to work and be part of his owners practice is just wonderful.

I hope that he will love his new brother or sister. I wonder if they both will still be able to fit in the small office space, or is there a moving coming in the near future.