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This is of no surprise to me.

I don't want the paper delivery to the house .
There has been a rash of break ends in the past, as people casing out a house would just look for the paper laying out side of the house .
I did once have your paper deliver to the house .It would be waiting there wqhen I got out of work .What was in the paper was old news by the time I got around to reading it
Most of the time the paper was just laying in the driveway ,on a raining day it was just a find mush up mess to put into the trash.
Any way I haven't had this paper deliver to my home in years.
An I am not going to start now just to read the same news I can read on all of the rest of the News Papers and on the web , in the state .
Plus the store on the conner has the all the papers on hand .

Good luck on trying to get people into buying up the Paper,just so they can read the same storys on the web.

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Billions of Tourist Dollars???? <Hart Daley>

Just where is that kind on money ?
In Tourist?? I don't think SO!!
If any one drives North ,West or East of Bangor but for MDI you would see a lot of low income and no income towns!
The towns South of Bangor are in a big ass huirt as the State it self .
Just where is this so call Billons of dollars ?
Not in the few people that go fishing or hunting as everone seems to think .

If that was the case the small mon and pop stores would still be open up there .

The only place in this state, that any kind of big money, as in a few Millons in tourist is on MDI or the coast from MDI south or the Sebago region of Maine where there isn't any wind towers and that is only in the ten weeks of summer ,after the summer season ,even thoes places are all boarded up.
Wind is the only deal we have on our door step right now to turn the electrice rates around so the power bills for a small store or home or a lumber mill can be with in reason .

I was looking into buying a small store a few years ago the place had less than 1000 SQ FT and the power bill for that store was a grand a week !
And The AC wasen't even on .

I didn't buy the place but did look into others and they all are in the same boat with there power bills .
So if Tourist spend that kind of money here in the state of Maine Please do tell us on what and most of all WHERE,, because I want in on the Business Plan ,

Any way one thing I don't understand, just what does wind have to do with being on the bottom of a list of some MAG?
All of the big projects that had been shot down here in this state over the past ten years or so is out of this world >
There is allways this no no no to the people that own the land and want to bring jobs into this state but people as of your self ,that most likly don't own any land to do anything on want to control some ones else land and most of there money and the end result is,, NO JOBS FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOUR SELF >>>

The problen I feel in this state is we are getting lock out of any real good companys trying to set up shop here in this state,, by out of staters mostly trust fund babys that have the time and money to put big efforts into kepping this state from inproving the lifes of the working people in this state , that is the so call middle class are being reduce to low income or no income .

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How did the train ucouple from the cars that did have the brake

Just why do trains still have braking systems that are way out of date by at lease fifty years ?
The train cars need to have spring brakeing systems ,as all trucks do .
Plus how or who ucouple the oil tanker cars from the cars that did have the brakes on ?
What a story, it lacks a lot of facts about the crash .
That train crash into the town at over sixty miles a hour .
There is no way the train would have got going that fast draging oil tank cars with the brakes still on .