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anthem whoops

I understand your comments and agree to some of it. State workers do get free medical , life and dental,ONLY if and when they have 10 yrs in. The good thing about my insurance is I have to pay for a percentage of it being retired early it helps defray costs. I would pay the same from the outside for HMO's with less coverage. And I believe that everyone should pay a percentage it would be less stress on state budget. It is a Union agreed plan. and unions arent that bad when you think of how employers can take advantage of their workers. I have worked for a major national employer with them and they protect rights. But i dont take you as being rude and appreciate your comment.

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foot in mouth desease

he had a bit of sense he should realized that his comments were abrupt, rude, and totally not retractable. His leadership leave much to be desired and I feel bad for those that believed so strongly in him. His treatment of state workers is a joke and also that of the press..People print what they hear not what he concludes they should.
61% did not agree with his election.

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When i retired from state they were thinking about changing plans. Some of the state has Aetna. I pay for a percentage as I didnt have enough time to get it free . But so glad I have a different insurance. Cant believe that this could happen to us. maybe businesses that have Anthem should switch let Anthem feel the crunch its making others feel by refusing service with dedicated providers.