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For the record...

The Senate vote (19-16) that ended any chance of restoring citizen rights this session was mostly along party lines. Every Democratic Senator, with the exception of Sen. Patrick from Rumford, voted to further delay, and perhaps kill any possibility of these citizens getting their rights back - we're in our sixth year without them now. Stalling has emerged in the last two legislatures as the tactic of choice for those legislators who want to maintain the status quo in the face of widely recognized shortcomings in current law.

The House passed the bill 89-49. In this vote, a NAY vote was for the fairer, more desirable version of the bill. A YEA vote was for an unfair, bad version written by the Natural Resources Council of Maine. The NRCM is working hard to be sure that citizens in these areas DO NOT get their rights back. Fortunately, the NAYs prevailed and the better version of LD 616 moved ahead.

Here's a link to the House roll call vote if you want to see who voted YEA to continue limiting citizens rights:

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It's clear now

I'm sorry that you've turned this into a pro-wind/anti-wind issue, but it sheds a lot of light on the motivation for your comments. It also shows that you've missed the foundation of the legislation in question entirely. In none of your posts, including this last very long one, have you ever explained what it was in my original comment that I was wrong about, according to you. That was all you ever needed to do - and still haven't done.

I assume you live in an organized town. Statistically speaking, that's a safe bet. As such, you have a right, relative to wind power siting, that we both had prior to 2008. You still have yours. I lost mine. If you think that's fair, I have to disagree and I guess we can leave it at that.

The Maine House passed our bill overwhelmingly. The Senate majority leader moved to keep the bill from even being voted on there, perhaps because he feared it might pass. The Senate majority leader also has what is probably Maine's largest corporate benefactor of wind development in his district. That seems a little fishy to me. If that sounds entirely innocent to you, fine. We can disagree on that to.

And since YOU brought it up, the amount of electricity produced by wind in the U.S. is about 3% of consumption, not 35%. But, that has absolutely nothing to do with the bill that sparked this discussion.

Please don't worry about responding unless you're going to address the original question.

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We can all disagree, but...

Please don't set me up as one not willing to listen to other views or opinions. I'd be very willing to correct my statement if you'd tell me what I got wrong.

I have no issues whatsoever with disagreement or differing opinions; of course you're allowed to disagree. We all are. I simply asked you to fill me in on what was in my comment you disagree with. You've chosen not to for some reason. Disagreeing without identifying what you disagree with is not that constructive.