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ballistics smallistics,this

ballistics smallistics,this article has nothing do with any mumbo jumbo that people could give two craps about and whats right for shooting what,besidesa BB gun can kill a person if put through his eye...its about a theft and a human who was not too bright .... we could just talk about turkeys calling your chickens..LOL

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There are plenty of people who use lever actions to shoot coyote.....I have shot coyotes with handguns... I have killed coyotes with a .410 shotgun.........its all in where you hunt and how you hunt them and if your really good,you might even be able to pat them before shooting them,LMAO and as far as it being a crime for someone stealing the firearm here,no one said it wasn't but this is how criminals get them and will always get them. and you got that right there Doshman ;-) Happy Fathers Day !

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A sad event but...

a high powered rifle can be used right now to shoot coyotes..someone needs to look at the Inland Fisheries laws before making such an incompetent statement.