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I think this is just plain wrong

Look around the state and see all of the students who worked hard to get into college and, when they got into college and graduated, they are hit with thousands of dollars worth of loans. There are not high paying jobs in Maine to support them and allow them to pay their loans back. Do you think they are angry that inmates are getting free college educations? People who have killed other people, maimed other people, stolen, lied and then got free living expenses in prison while the students are [paying for dorms or apartments. The first word that comes to mind is 'RAGE'. and I don't blame the students for having that at all. The inmates may regret what they did and they will have job skills when they get out. If you kill somebody, you should never get out. You won't need job skills or a degree then. What about supporting the victim's families and sending their children to college? They still have to pay for everything, even when they are paying emotionally and mentally for what was done to their loved ones. This is stupid. When ITV classes started at UMA, they learned very quickly that the prisoners who were allowed to take the classes had to have a delay because they were calling in with questions and comments that were totally inappropriate. Some things never change.

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Charter Schools

I don't think that we KNOW that the teachers in charter schools have our children's best anything at heart. I do believe that they are sucking up to lepage and/or he and the Koch brothers have paid them off. There are plenty of charter schools in Florida, which is one of lepage's favorite states and topics. Take your kid and move to Florida and see how great it is. While you are at it, please take lepage with you.

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Wow....let's ban all alcohol in Maine too because people drink, drive and kill. Oh, I forgot that the politicians like to have cocktail parties and Paulie likes his little nips frequently. Can't do that so go after the smokers AGAIN. What are you going to ban next? How about governors?