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I didn't know that the Koch

I didn't know that the Koch brothers are residents of Maine.

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He's just one of those people

He's just one of those people who swallows the rhetoric and bald-faced lies coming from the public mouthpieces of the Reactionary right, without bothering to even examine the most obvious parts of the lies. Thinking anything through is too much hard work for such people. Many of us will still come to wrong conclusions if we don't have the right sources to fact-check against, but at least those of us will have bothered to consider why they believe so.

(Radical is extreme left, Reactionary is extreme right, so I've been taught)

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threatened neighbors to move out?

If he really did make threats to neighbors who he didn't like, it doesn't matter whether or not he actually "forced them to move away" for what he claims to have done to be classified as a "crime of terrorism."