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taxpayers will pay,

The taxpayers will end paying for the benefits the drivers and others have lost through Medicaid, SNAP and other assistance while our property values decline with the quality of our schools. Short sighted leadership is costly and Auburn residents are the ones paying the price.

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where's the profit?

Does the savings calculation include the costs of contracting the busing to Northeast Charter? Clearly their costs will be the same as the school department's (buses, gas, maintenance, drivers), unless they cut salaries and benefits for the bus drivers, etc. A private company exists to make a profit. So the savings gained through these drivers' losses will not go to the school district, it will go to the owner of Northeast, Scott Riccio.

The result will be fewer jobs for area residents and, in the end, greater costs to the School Department. Privatization adds profit to the existing costs. Costs + profit is not less than costs and the idea that privatization saves money is simply ridiculous.

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fundamental error

The people abandon their home is because they owe more than the house is worth on the open market. Otherwise, a homeowner in trouble would simply sell the house.

Why are homes in this area worth so little? One reason is that the local schools are substandard and the high school in particular is in danger of loosing even its most basic accreditation.

I own a local business and it came up just yesterday with a potential hire, who is unsure that he wants to move to the area even if he has a good job offer. Unless the schools and infrastructure are there to support a decent economy, it is not going to happen by itself. The message to send is "invest in the future or resign ourselves to ignorance and poverty."