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"Hastedt said her

"Hastedt said her organization was frustrated that many of the LePage proposals around combating fraud were misguided and didn't get at the heart of the problem."

What do they expect, it is the dumbass LePage they are dealing with?

Let's see how many lawsuits are going to hit Maine when folks are denied goods?

Millions for photo cards and millions for lawsuits...Yepper Mary Mayhew is a dunce with her boss....

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Well he and others are

not alone on this same LePage is out, but a vote for Cutler is voting for the LePage, since that was clear from last elction as the spoiler vote...

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You had it at M. Grave..for some time...that is not a TYPO, that is fraud and intentional deception....I know this and so did SJ, only they corrected your name to Mark.....

TYPO? Another lie and you just keep digging your hole....only nut job is you for continuosuly to lie and decevie people...Typomyass....